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MetLife VisionAccess Discount program

The MetLife VisionAccess program lets you get vision care at discounted prices.

Discount Code

Please use program code MET2020 when making an appointment or receiving services or materials.

 MetLife VisionAccess Discount program
Eye Exams

20% discount

Eyeglass frames

25% discount

Standard Lens Options

20% discount off standard lens options

Corrective Lenses

20% discount off standard corrective lenses

LASIK Procedures

15% discount off the standard price or 5% off promotional prices through MetLife participating facilities

A Note About Vision Fees: Discounts are based on the usual and customary fee. Discounts are subject to change.

Where to Get Vision Discounts with MetLife

Discounts are only available through private practice providers participating in the MetLife VisionAccess network.

Paying for Vision Expenses

You can use your HSA or FSA funds to cover out-of-pocket vision expenses!

Vision ID Cards

ID cards are available on the MetLife website.