Results for Flexible Spending Accounts

FSA Eligibility

Rockwell Automation offers two Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs): the Health Care FSA and the Dependent Care FSA. FSAs help you pay for eligible health care and dependent care expenses with tax-free dollars. You’re eligible for different FSAs depending on the medical option you choose:

  • If you enroll in the Broad Access or High-Performance plan option you are eligible to participate in a Health Care FSA.

  • If you enroll in the HSA option, you are eligible to participate in a Limited Purpose FSA only. You can only use your Limited Purpose FSA for certain expenses, and you must submit claims for reimbursement. You cannot use the Smart-Choice debit card.

  • You do not need to be enrolled in a Rockwell medical plan to be eligible to participate in a Dependent Care FSA.

Re-Enroll Every Year

If you want an FSA for the upcoming plan year, you must re-enroll—even if you had an FSA last year. You must go online during the enrollment process and choose which FSAs you want.