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Brand Penalty:

The cost difference between the generic and brand name drug.

Direct Generics:

Generic medications that are the same chemical entity as their patent-expired brand name counterparts.

Indirect generics:

Generic medications that treat the same conditions as other brand name medications but are a different chemical entity.

Maintenance Drugs:

Drugs that you take on an ongoing basis to treat chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure or cholesterol.

Non-Preferred Brand Name (or Non-Formulary) Drugs:

Drugs that tend to be expensive and usually have a more cost-effective generic or preferred brand name alternative.

Preferred Brand Name (or Formulary) Drugs:

Drugs that have been determined to provide effective treatment when used as intended, and typically cost less than non-preferred brand name drugs.

Value-based Drugs:

Medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes that Rockwell Automation has identified for a special pricing schedule, which cost 50% less compared to non-value-based drugs.