Results for Retirement Planning

Retirement Tools

You have two major tools to help you navigate the retirement process:

Use the Retirement Process Timeline tool to model different retirement dates and see what steps you need to take for a smooth transition into retirement.

Download your go-to retirement guide to review your retiree options at Rockwell Automation.

Identify all of your retirement income sources

This will help you decide if you are financially ready to retire. Take a look at both your Rockwell Automation retirement income sources and those available outside of Rockwell Automation. These may include savings accounts, IRAs, retirement benefits from former employers and Social Security (if eligible). At any time, you can get an idea of your Rockwell Automation retirement income sources. Here’s how:

  • Pension Plan: If your original date of hire with Rockwell Automation was prior to July 2010 and you have not yet received your pension benefit, use the Pension Calculator on Your Benefits to get an estimate of your benefit from the Pension Plan. You can model many retirement date scenarios, including various assumptions regarding last day worked, pay and benefit payment start date, and compare your saved versions. You can also get help and request an estimate by calling the RASC and saying “pension” or “retirement” when prompted.
  • Retirement Savings Plan: Check your account balance by going online to NetBenefits at, the Retirement Savings Plan’s website through Fidelity. You also can call the Rockwell Automation Service Center at Fidelity to ask questions and get information.

Turn to Edelman Financial Engines for Advice

Through Rockwell Automation, you have access to retirement help from Edelman Financial Engines. Their Investment Advisor Representatives can help you understand how to start spending from your Social Security, pension and 401(k) benefits. Their Online Advice and Professional Management services may also be useful:

Online Advice: You have unlimited access to powerful retirement tools available to you at no additional cost through the Edelman Financial Engines link on NetBenefits® website.

Professional Management: For a fee, experts can create and implement a retirement planning strategy that includes your 401(k) plan and considers any other retirement sources you tell them about.

Call Fidelity and ask to be connected to an Edelman Financial Engines Investment Advisor Representative. Or, visit NetBenefits and click the Edelman Financial Engines link.