Your Rx Rules

These three rules are designed to make prescription drugs more affordable for all of us.

  1. Generics are the first choice.

Your prescription will be filled with a generic if available. If your doctor doesn’t allow or if you don’t choose a generic substitution, you’ll pay a brand penalty. So always talk to your doctor about generic alternatives and make sure the “Dispense as Written” box on your prescription isn’t checked.

  1. Choose the low-cost treatment first.

With some brand name medications, you’re required to try lower-cost alternatives first. If this is the case, the pharmacist will contact your doctor and request a new prescription. If the alternative does not work for you, your doctor can ask to have the original brand name drug covered by the plan.

  1. Get your maintenance drugs in a 90-day supply.

For new maintenance drugs, you can fill two 30-day supplies from a retail pharmacy. After that, you’ll be asked to get 90-day supplies from CVS Caremark Mail Order or a local CVS pharmacy.